The Inner Journey to Change 

Begin with a single Alchemical Dreamwork session, then you can decide to take the four or six session package. The Inner Journey to Change Program is suitable for anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, chronic pain, intimacy, self confidence, and many other areas *

If you have ever been to counselling or taken counselling courses, we often sit as 'talking heads', our bodies like organic vehicles that bring your brain into a session. I have had years of this and quite frankly the body is a living organism filled with neural pathways that communicate with each other, independently of the brain, which sits on top, protected by the skull. We talk with our body, our tongue is not simply a vestige that is used for chewing food and speaking, but it is a participative organism that operates in concert with your brain. 

Mind-Body Integration hypnotherapy and psychotherapy honours the partnership between brain and body, because we actually think right from the somatic mind of the body, through the subconscious mind and finally the conscious mind. The fastest responses occur in the body and slowest in the conscious mind. For example, you don't need to think to pull your hand away if it touches a hot object. 

I will often refer to our work together as a journey, a path or a doorway, because your body has something tangible to grasp and navigate within. It is really "The Hero's Journey" because the Hero is all-inclusive. 

Symptoms seem to cast us into a wasteland where, despite what counselling we receive or pills we take, it seems the wasteland is still just outside the door. You know that when dreams and memories, smells, locations, sounds and touch return to your mind, especially when you are under stress or exhausted.

Cameron has forged a new path which brings together the science of brain chemistry, Psychoanalytical Hypnotherapy, a deep knowledge of alchemy, his window into your inner world, matrix breathing, dreamwork and bodywork . Cameron is an authority on Jungian Alchemical interpretation of dreams, honouring the gift that dream content gives for healing body, mind and the world. Cameron travels extensively in developing countries and marvels at the regenerative nature of community, "The seeds of rebirth can only be sown within darkness and chaos" is an ancient message for the outer and inner world, follow where it leads, and awaken. If you have encountered darkness and/or chaos in your life or in the midst of it, this is the optimum time to begin this work because your psyche is alive and energized, it has a story to tell, a story that will transform it, and you in the outer world, bringing you both together as a stronger more unified whole; it is the path of individuation, the path that Carl Jung said marked the ascension of humanity within, and setting the stage for you to offer the gifts that you have for the world.

Cameron is skilled as a Generative Trance therapist, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Agusto Boal Theatre of the Oppressed Leader, Sexuality Therapist, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, meditation and mindfulness instructor, Matrix breath integration, and Lomi Lomi massage practitioner. He honours his early teachers D. Rumy, Jungian Psychotherapist and Dr. S. Gilligan world renowned psychotherapist, and CG Jung, who's teachings are still unfolding the inter connectedness of matter and psyche.

At this point, it is common to have a question or two...

Analytical Hypnotherapy is a serene, empowering experience, where your unconscious mind is in control, facilitated by Cameron. Located in downtown Kamloops, the first session is 2 hours and further sessions (weekly or bi-weekly) are generally 1.5 hours. Openings can be booked at 10:00, 1:30, 3:30 or 6:30 Monday to Friday.

We often struggle against the symptoms, only to find that they become stronger than before. This is called the journey of the martyr or champion, where you are fooled into believing that foe is vanquished...or will be finally vanquished with this new drug. Unfortunately with inner work, the foe cannot be vanquished, in fact it is wanting you to truly understand it, for it embodies energy within a closed system, so to "vanquish" it, the energy simply transforms into something else, often much worse and harder to combat in its new form.

You probably have had personal experience with this phenomenon. There is another path and it resonates with reconciliation; the hero's path. The hero meets the symptom in the wasteland, comes to understand its true nature, which is to return the energy you need, home. When it arrives home, you receive the gifts it has, and return to the village of normal life with these gifts. Every client who works with me describes what happens as "a switch, a woosh,  a tingling sensation, a rush of energy,etc", its your body responding the return of the 'prodigal son', to use a Biblical analogy of the rejected part returning to celebration.

Inner change is often subtle,  and the changes will ripple like an energy wave that encompasses all that you do and know. It is often noticeable by others, especially those who you are intimate with. You are also on the path that resonates with your heart....that's why you had the symptoms in the first place....your inner life was in a desperate struggle with you to bring rejected energy home. 

The mind body integration therapy helps you enter the mysterious world of your subconscious mind and somatic (body) mind.

"counsellors have talked to me about it and nothing changed" 

Paradoxically, the closer you come to the threshold, the stronger your negative behaviours and symptoms can become.They have been struggling with you for so long, they are often the last thing you want to understand. This is often when we retreat from the doorway, yet it can also be viewed as a sign that this is the very doorway that you must go through.

This doorway is exactly the place where you will encounter guardians, those people and objects that give you strength to endure the passage from your old world to the new world. Your symptoms at this point appear as demons, so your guardians keep you on your path and remind you that you have retreated before, only to end up in the same place again and again. You already know some of your guardians, both living and dead, and you will meet more. A guardian will also exist in your inner world of dreams, although often not in the same form as they exist(ed) in the outer world.

You may also begin to meet other travellers, those people who share your path, and remind you that this struggle is not yours alone, they too have been before their own doorway, and have retreated, only to return again...and this time, step through and begin the journey. They also remind you that the old ways have not worked. You have already encountered some of them in your life, and this work sends out a call to meet new travellers on both sides of the doorway. 

You also need sponsors, those people who give you courage and remind you that the demons you encounter on the other side of the door, have gifts to give you for your life on this side, because you will return. They also remind you that it is you who will enter the doorway, and when your feet are firmly placed on the path, your outer, inner and somatic minds are of one accord.

I am your sponsor in this journey, and I will use a full range of therapeutic modalities at my disposal to help your mind, body and spirit join together and become a unified force on this new path, this journey of the Hero. Your community, and the world awaits the gifts that are unique to you, to bring back and share. You may ask, "what have I to offer?" Most realize that when the gifts arrive they often have some connection with the rejected parts. Food for thought until we begin our journey together.

* individual results vary from person to person. These are average guidelines, your progress may be slower or faster.