Lomilomi, Hawaiian healing

Lomilomi is part of the four part Inner Journey to Change program. It is a non-specific treatment focused on energy balance and alignment, and is only offered optionally at the third or fourth session.

There are only several dozen authentic LomiLomi treatment givers outside of Hawaii, Cameron is one. Cameron is grateful for  his Aumakua, Spirit Guide for the honor of being by his side to help in your healing, and his Kumu, Jeana Iwalani Naluai.  May your ala, your path, be clear and filled with light.

 LomiLomi (pronounced low-me-low-me) brought to the Hawaiians by their light being ancestors from the Pleiades Hōkū (star) many centuries ago, is their method of removing negative energy, from this lifetime, and past lifetimes, so that your journey into the future flows rightly like a continuous wave. Lomilomi is applied in gentle waves, because Spirit flows continually through time and space like an endless wave.

Lomilomi is always two hours, and a non-specific energy balancing treatment

* individual results vary from person to person. These are average guidelines, your progress may be slower or faster.