The Inner Journey to Change

Past Lives Regression (PLR)

A full  PLR  session may last 2.0 hours, the discussion and dreamwork typically lasts 1 hour and the PLR regression lasts 30 minutes to I hour. This is part of your Inner Journey to Change 4-session program of hypnotherapy, dreams and lomilomi.

Please bring your journal of visions, recurring dreams and current dreams (bizarre or otherwise, its all important). Dreams are a unique window into your inner mind, and often a portal into your past lives, since your current life mirrors the events that occurred in several past lives. Think of events as falling under categories - you may be wanting to make a decision in this lifetime, so past lives where a decision was made, will start to connect to that category. Very likely, when you do a PLR, those lifetimes where a decision was made, will be the ones you visit. In other words, past life events are no random, but follow a pattern that aligns with the path that you are taking today, this month, in this lifetime. Secondly, the people in your dreams, especially the ones that recur, often have a relationship to you in more than one past life, people are born together, especially if they have more "work" to do together that is unfinished at the end of a lifetime. We are all advancing karmically, and are reborn until we have done everything our soul needs us to do.

Important Information if this is your first-time PLR

A PLR requires anywhere from a light  to a deep level of trance, and suspension of disbelief; like watching a movie, we begin as observers, until we become immersed in the moment-to-moment action as events unfold. Your imagination is a portal into the deeper reality of your past lives.

Some clients go very deep, others appear by an observer, to  be very much awake. The depth is not as important as your belief that imagination has made the shift into your Higher Self, which is connected to past and future. For example, think of a person who channels for an audience; the medium often appears "wide awake", yet the entity is having conversations with the audience, through the person, answering questions, etc. This is the state you will drift into, where your Higher Self becomes your channel. Thus your conscious mind, and any outside observer, sees/feels you as awake, yet  your Higher Self is speaking through you, using your body and voice. You cannot use your conscious mind as a valid observer of your inner state because it always remains grounded in current Cartesian reality. If your conscious mind says, "I was just imagining", and you believe that, then that will be your reality.

Dream Journal

In your dream journal you record past dreams that you feel are significant to your journey, then each dream you remember from this night onward. Record each dream if first person, present tense, this way: " I am in a field, my best childhood friend, Mary is beside me. We are waiting for ......."  Your psyche's dreaming body is outside of time and physical space, the people in your dreams, have likely been dreamed by your past lifetimes as well as this lifetime.  

FEE: The standard fee is $180 per session, payable by cash, or bank transfer.

I am looking forward to our work together, Cameron Grant MA, REH, ARW, CLLP (Hawaii)

"Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens." CG Jung